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Farm Milled Strong Brown Bread Flour 16 kg - Special Offer

A Strong Wholemeal  Bread Flour milled on the farm at Mungoswells from bread making varieties which are grown here. Our Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour can be used both to make bread by hand in the oven or in bread machines both giving great results.  By using  Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour you can produce a brown loaf which is healthier than white bread. In wholemeal flour nothing is taken out or put in, so the wholemeal flour still contains the nutritional value of the germ and bran. If using a breadmaker we would recommend using 50% Wholemeal and 50% Strong Bread Flour. This will rise better. 70% Wholemeal and 30%  Strong Bread Flour should work but we would not recommend 100% Wholemeal. More experienced bakers may achieve satisfactory results but we would certainly recommend adding vitamin C or dough improver and always use a mixture ourselves.



100% wheat



Contains Wheat Gluten 
A Strong Bread Flour milled on the farm at Mungoswells from bread milling variety which is grown here.
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