Shipping Costs:


  1-16 kg  £   9

16-32 kg  £ 18

32-48 kg  £ 27










Welcome to Mungoswells


Malt & Milling



 Thank you to everyone for your orders, understanding and patience.


 The unprecedented surge in orders is beginning to calm down so the online shop will be open most of the time. If we are overwhelmed however we will 'shut' the shop temporarily rather than allowing the backlog to build up with consequent delays to deliveries. Please remember that we are doing our best in extraordinary circumstances.

We have stopped making self raising flour meantime. Add 5% by weight of baking powder to plain flour to make your own self raising.


Please consider ordering a 16 kg sack rather than several small bags:

It’s much better value

It’s much less time consuming for us


Most people would mix white and wholemeal flours approx. 50:50.

Many customers will not want to take two 16 kg sacks so we are making
Brown Bread Flour (organic and conventional).

This will have the roughest of the bran removed but will be equivalent or slightly better nutritionally than the half and half mixture.



Please try to order 1.5 kg bags by multiples of 6 to achieve cost effectiveness.

We will do mixed boxes for as long as we have manpower.



Please do not email to ask when the online shop will open or to track an order as we do not have staff to reply.


We have now run out of pre-printed 1.5kg flour bags and will not get any more for several months. We are applying sticky labels to brown bags for organic flour but using plain white bags for conventional which therefore have no logo or indication that they came from Mungoswells. 


Take care.