Shipping Costs:


  1-16 kg  £   9

16-32 kg  £ 17

32-48 kg  £ 25










Welcome to Mungoswells


Malt & Milling


With the up and coming Jubilee Celebrations, the delivery company we use, APC, are taking some Bank Holiday days off. This will affect our deliveries, please see below for details :


Last order for flour to be placed with us via the website is 30/05/22 before noon, this should arrive by 01/06/22 for most orders. Orders that take longer for delivery, any island deliveries,  can take a few days longer. Please ensure you have noted any specific delivery instructions i.e. if you are going to  be out, where to put your delivery-remembering the weather can affect our product.


Resuming collecting of orders via our website will be on 06/06/22 .


Thank you.