1-16 kg:      £  11

16-32 kg:    £  21

32-48 kg:    £ 32


Here at Mungoswells Farm, situated in the heart of East Lothian, we produce quality, award-winning flours, both organic and non-organic, with unrivalled traceability. 

We have been advised to add a further warning to the labelling on all flour: 

*Flour is a raw ingredient and must be cooked or baked before consumption*


In the USA & Canada there is a trend for buying raw cookie dough and this is sometimes eaten raw rather than being baked as intended. This has led to a small number of isolated cases where people, mainly children and those with impaired immunity, become seriously ill due to a type of E coli commonly found in bird and other animals droppings containing the Shiga Toxin Gene (referred to as STEC which includes E.coli O157).


It is obviously impossible to exclude birds/animals from wheat fields and FSA/FSS testing has found these bacteria in UK flour samples. Cooking flour/flour products to 75º C for 2 minutes kills the bacteria so it is easily destroyed but care should be taken to separate raw flour/flour products from cooked samples and clean /sanitise preparation surfaces before and after use.



Further information on STEC and how to prevent it is available at FSS Fast Facts - STEC | Food Standards Scotland , please note this is likely to be updated to include a reference to raw flour and under cooked flour products.


Here at Mungoswells we are trying to stay ahead of this, therefore, this information will be appearing on our website and packaging of our products. We suspect this will soon be on all flour packaging. 

What our customers are saying...


If you’re a baker this is the place to go. A full range of organic, strong, whole meal, self-raising, plain, light rye and whole meal rye flours at extremely competitive prices. And very pleasant service. So impressed with this setup. They even donate flour free for baking to support our local Riding for the Disabled stables. Well worth a visit!