Shipping Costs:


  1-16 kg  £   9

16-32 kg  £ 17

32-48 kg  £ 25










Welcome to Mungoswells


Malt & Milling



 Thank you to everyone for your orders, understanding and patience.


 Because of the discovery of a new more transmissible variant of Covid 19 and the ensuing rise in infections and hospital admissions it is no longer possible to continue supplying flour from the farm. I appreciate that carriage charges are ridiculous for customers living locally however we cannot risk spreading Covid, we cannot flout the rules and we are continuing to supply outlets around East Lothian. For 16kg sacks please contact The Mart in East Linton or Gosford Bothy Farm Shop. Unfortunately most outlets do not have enough storage space to accommodate the larger sacks.


In an effort to help as much as possible I have reduced the carriage charge slightly for orders of more than one 16kg sack. 


Please try to order 1.5kg bags by multiples of 6 to achieve cost effectiveness

We will do mixed boxes for as long as we have manpower.


Please consider ordering a 16 kg sack rather than several small bags:

It’s much better value

It’s much less time consuming for us 


Please do not email to track an order as we do not have staff to reply. 

Carriers are very busy and deliveries may take up to a week. For some reason orders comprising more than one bag are sometimes delivered on different days.

Take care