1-16 kg:      £  11

16-32 kg:    £  21

32-48 kg:    £ 32


Here are some hints and tips to get the best results from Mungoswells Farm Milled Flour. If you have tried and tested our flour and would like to share some of your own tips with us, then please get in contact.


First things to do when baking is read through your recipe and get all the equipment and ingredients out which you require.



When baking accuracy is very important.  Too much or too little of one ingredient or the wrong ingredient used can mean the recipe will not work.


The temperature of the ingredients can also effect if the recipe will work, some need to be chilled, some room temperature or some warm, so if the recipe says room temperature and you normally keep it in the fridge make sure you take it out the fridge in advance to reach room temperature.



Not only is the temperature of your ingredients important but also the temperature of the oven. Ensure to preheat your oven to the correct temperature for the recipe. The timing is also crucial, if you give your baking too little or too much time then you will have a poor result.  Use your instinct here, to judge when something if ready in the oven, you can tell if it smells right, if it’s browned or is crisp or spongy/springy.



To be a great baker be patient and pay attention to detail. To get even better results it’s key to get the seasonings, flavouring and colourings right.


If you get a great result remember to write down what you did, because when it comes to making it again you won’t remember what you did.


To get great results enjoy what you are doing!!!