1-16 kg:      £  11

16-32 kg:    £  21

32-48 kg:    £ 32

Malted Wheat Flour

If using a recipe which has malt extract along with Plain or Self Raising Flour in it. Then you can replace the flour and malt extract with our Malted Wheat Flour, you may also need to add a little more sugar due to the malt extract containing about 50% sugar and the Malted Wheat Flour only containing 6.5% sugar.


For example if your recipe says

200g Plain Flour

100g Malt Extract.


In the recipe there would be 50g of sugar in the Malt Extract.


You would replace it with 200g of Malted wheat Flour and 37g of sugar (better if it is dark brown sugar). As the 200g of Malted Wheat Flour will contain 13g of sugar so you need to replace the missing 37g of sugar.


If making malt biscuits ensure to leave the biscuits on the baking paper for a few minutes before you move them onto a wire cooling rack as the base may stick to the paper. Don't leave them too long however in case they disappear!